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 Corporate Events and Training

As part of my work as a professional dance teacher, for over twenty year, I’ve been entertaining the guests at corporate events.
My role is to engage and entertain getting everyone up dancing and having fun.
This often becomes the most memorable and photographed part of a function.
My formats draw out the hidden talents of the real stars of an event i.e. the guests.

Getting everyone dancing is not as easy as it sounds’ It takes leadership, skills and a lot of experience to make it work, but when everyone’s dancing, your event will be seen as a success and you are the star that organised it.

I have developed a range of formats to suit any occasion. They fall into three main categories but can be tailored to suit your event.
Please forgive me fir not revealing too much detail as these are my stock in trade, but I will be happy to discuss they over the telephone at your convenience.

Party formats:
‘The Strictly Battle’ A dance competition fuelled by office politics and a free bar!
‘The Snow Ball’ An extension of working the room where the snowball gets bigger and bigger.
‘The Guest Side Story’ The Shark ‘n Jets battle it out on stage in musical chorus line choreography.

Talk formats:
‘My life in dance’ Comedy anecdotes from the dance floor.
‘Two Left Feet’ Why are English men so rubbish at dancing A light hearted look a partner dancing from Dad’s Disco to the Mambalsa.
‘Flow me’ The Psychology of learning dance or anything.

Comedy format:
Quillarious The comedy writing game show, where we get your group to write and perform stand up.

Please call me (Alastair Sadler) to discuss your event contact us

 Pdf Guide to Dance at Corporate Events

Lets have some fun and do something interesting at your corporate event.
Download Guide to Dance at Corporate events in pdf format.

Here's the link to Quillarious- The comedy writing game show where we write and perform stand up.
Download Guide to Quillarious at Corporate events in pdf format.

 Client List

Alastair's client list includes:

  • Wellcome Trust,
  • BBC,
  • British Army,
  • Pride,
  • HM Revenue & Customs,
  • Ernst & Young,
  • British Airways.

His TV credits include Baby Father I & II, Casualty, Happiness, Auf Weidersehn Pet and the BBC Ident.
As a MC and stand up Alastair regularly takes shows to the Edinburgh Fringe.
“He’s the bread that holds the bacon butty of the show together” Broadway Baby.

 Tips to Get Your Party Dancing

1 Understand why people dance: To enjoy, express and be seen within a group. It strengthens bonds, cuts across corporate structures. Dancers stay longer and drink less, which saves money and possibly a little embarrassment back at the office. They also provide the visual focus after the ‘entertainers’ have left. I think it’s fair to say that a party where everyone danced is remembered as a good party.

2 Let’s get cheesy: No not the macarena! Who’s your big cheeses? Are they just ‘showing their face’? Butter them up until they brie-ese onto the floor. It’s a real gouda pleaser.

3 Work the room: Network every group of people before the dancing. Put dance on their radar and ask for their support.

4 Take control: All you’ve got to be is part MC, comedian and ‘Strictly’ pro. If you don’t take control who will? Or, get a professional in and bask in the glory of your management.

5 Involve everyone: the ‘can’t dance won't dance’ brigade hate to dance. Don’t exclude them, they'd love to be your judges, commentators, prize givers and photographers.

6 Location: Often the ‘party’ is in one space and the dancing is in another, fracturing the crowd. Place the dancing in the center so it’s the important hub of the event.

7 Prime the pumps: DJ’s set the mood, live music and shows are sensational, but don’t expect that crowd on the dance floor without a catalyst - you!

8 Celebrities: are expensive because they are known. Your co-workers are your own in-company stars. You’ve just got to get them performing.

9 Experience counts: When the plan hits the fan and excuses are flying who going to step in and turn it around?

10 Have fun: Dance entertainment is the most enjoyable, cost effective and memorable part of your event. Enjoy :-)

I hope these start a conversation with your team. Please feel free to call me a chat through your event. I’ll help if I can :-) contact us (it’s free)

 Event Pricing

It's very hard to give an example of a typical event. They are so dependent of date, time of year and location and of course content.
As a rough guide: £450 - £750
Please make the call and lets talk about your event.

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No other events to show at the moment, but watch this space :-)

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I was set and ready to run the Brighton Marathon on 19th April but....
So I thought I'd keep my marathon blog going as a way to journal my coronavirus experience.
Enjoy the latest episode Lockdown London, especially if you now North London a little.


The Brighton Marathon's been rescheduled to September 2020 so I've kept the JustGiving page going at:
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

As of 18/03/2020 Due to the Coronavirus pandemic:
All courses are suspended until further notice.

With regards to the Prime Minister's announcement at c.5.30 today March 18th 2020:

As schools will close this Friday I feel it's the right time act regarding my salsa courses.
I will be suspending all Salsa Rapido courses at Salsa Soho and Salsa Temple until an appropriate time to restart.

Meanwhile I'm going to move to a new venue called Online :-)
As many of you know, last year I started the SalsaRapido playlist on YouTube.
These short concept clips will be expanded into the Dance Salsa at Home :-)
They'll be detailed and fun and completely Free.
You can also follow us on the Salsa Rapido blog salsarapido.blogspot.co.uk
and of course Facebook

This April, Fliss (my wife) and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary of setting up The Streetbeat Salsa Co. so we've no intention of going anywhere.

All current bookings will be placed on a holding list and I will contact everyone individually in due course.

Thank you for your support and I wish you and yours good health.

SYOTOS - See you on the other side :-)

Re Coronavirus (as of 13/03/2020)
Last night the government indicated that their response to the coronavirus pandemic had changed from ‘Containment’ to the ‘Delay’ phase.
I thought I’d update my position regarding the Salsa Rapido Intensive Salsa Courses.

Salsa is a self selecting group of healthy and energetic people. There is nothing about partner dancing that puts us at greater risk than any other social activity. Like other activities, we do all need to take one or two simple precautions in the light of coronavirus.

We all have to balance our personal needs with those of society and I imagine no two positions are identical. Here are mine, and I promise to respect those whose views differ:

All courses will go ahead as planned unless I am prevented from running a course by:
Government restrictions, which I will follow completely and any imposed by the venue.
My personal ill health. I promise to self isolate immediately.
Lack of demand.

At the course:
Please take every opportunity to wash your hands thoroughly upon arrival and during the day. I do :-)
I cannot guarantee hand sanitiser will be available, please bring your own if you wish.
Please understand that the balanced numbers will not be guaranteed, but I assume the bug affects men and women equally. I can guarantee you’ll have fun and learn loads.
Wearing face masks will not be allowed whilst dancing.
Couples may not stay together all day as per my usual T&C.

Before the course:
Should you feel unwell due to Coronavirus symptoms in the days before the course please contact me and confirm you are self isolating. I will transfer you onto a holding list, where you can rebook at a later time. No transfer fee will be charged. All other reasons for transfer will be dealt with as usual.

My experience tells me that it’s highly unlikely that you will wake up on the morning of the course feeling unwell, so I ask you NOT to leave it until then. Note there is no requirement to self isolate for a hangover!
Seriously, ask yourself if you’re 100% well and decide. Everyone's health depends on people making honest, adult decisions to self isolate sooner.
Please note that saying “I’m not sure if I'll be able to....” is not a decision.

In the event of a course being cancelled by me, I will offer the choice of holding your booking or a full refund. I will make every effort to contact you by text and email, please help by confirming you’ve received cancellation messages promptly.
As per the usual Terms and conditions: ‘No shows’ i.e. those who do not attend without prior notice will not be transfered or refunded.

I hope these precautions are reasonable and proportionate and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.
Link to regular terms and conditions
Alastair 07939012231

I’ve posted the Mambalsa Summer newsletter on the Mambalsa Blog.
It includes my thoughts regarding the success of Daytime Dance project and my plans for the future.
Just in case you haven’t heard of Mambalsa, it’s a new partner dance that I created in 2014. I’ve been using it for various projects so take a look and get ahead of the game :-)
Yesterday I received an email from TripAdvisor informing me that I had been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.
I had no idea that there was such a thing but now I've got one I'm a big fan.
It's the chance to thanks to everyone who's taken the time and trouble to say some kind words about my Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive course.

Click the image to visit TridAdvisor

Reflection: (You may prefer to read this on the Salsa Rapido Blog)
When I embedded TripAdvisor into my site I was hoping for praise but open to the possibility of harsh and unfair criticism, and in fairness I've received a one star review from someone who wasn't on the course and a two star review from someone who enjoyed the class but didn't enjoy the fajitas at lunch! May I just add that fajitas are not compulsory and anyone can eat wherever they wish. Lunch isn't even part of the deal so bring a packet of crisps in if you wish but don't blame my course if they didn't have your favourite flavour! (I'm so over it now)
Anyway, I overcame my fears and gave it a go, realising that feedback is good and TripAdivsor offers a third party review that's useful for the pubic when booking.
Many months later and I've received mainly five star reviews.
This tells me that:
My presentation is engaging and entertaining.
People are way nicer than I deserve.
Salsa Rapido is a mature enough method to stand comparison to traditional classes.
I'm really good at asking for five star reviews.

On the last point my hobby of stand up comedy led to five shows at the Edinburgh Fringe where at the end of a show we would have a 'bucket speech' to encourage the audience to give a tip (our only source of income)
Cliched line like "Take some change, fold it and put it in the bucket" were common.
One time I got a waif-like act to kneel down holding the bucket while looking as mournful as a Dickensian child.
Another time a showed the audience picture of my cats on my phone and asked "which one should I 'economise' first?" Well it works for charities!
The result was seldom any different. It was the show that counted.
I got Hacked on Facebook
I wanted to ‘boost’ my post for our new monthly Sunday night event Salsa Clasica (plug plug here’s the link ) I hadn't used it for a year and so wasn’t checking for any activity but found my FaceBook advertising account had been hacked last March......
read more on the Salsa Rapido blog
I've set up a new section on the site for Tripadvisor reviews of the 1-Day Intensive Course.
If you've been on the course recently and would be kind enough to review it please go to
Thanks in advance :-)
For suggestions and suggestions please email me at salsa@streetbeat.co.uk
I have sad news to share as after 13 fun filled years, we will not be continuing Salsa Camden.
For those following the ins and outs, you'll know that a deal was done re bands and promotion for Tuesdays.
That deal has not been honoured.
I will post a full account / rant in my Salsa Rapido blog in the New Year, sufficed to say, that given the toxic environment and despite my best efforts, I have had to let Salsa Camden go.
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who's supported us, for your friendship and energy, and more recently, patience. Plus, of course, for the loyalty and support of the current team, so much appreciated. It's been a blast and there are so many good memories ????
However, tis the season to be jolly, holly, mince pied to the eyes and tinselled around the edges. So,
I and the Salsa Camden Crew would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
....posted by Alastair Sadler Dec 2018
I've publish more articles on the Salsa Rapido blog.


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