Courses in July & August 2021 are Couples Only see "Coming out of Lockdown" in the news section.

From September 2021 groups will be mixed sunject to goverment restrictions being removed

Please enter the number of leaders and followers in your group.

On the course we aim for equal numbers of men and women, so we have to know how many men and women you are booking for.
It's also a good time to ask if you are booking any full time (university) students. During the corona virus emergency.
A couple is defined as one leader and one follower from the same household who will be required to stay together and socially distanced from other couples throughout the day.
This rule will be relaxed as soon as government guidelines permit.

If you have any difficulties please call 07939012231 (office hours)

Number of Leaders (men) 
How many of the leaders are students? 
Number of followers (women) 
How many of the followers are students? 
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