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by THE STREETBEAT SALSA CO. Fri. 2nd Nov 2018


repeat Leaders wanted for Sat. 1-Day and please check out Mambalsa

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It's been a tough time at Camden recently but things are on the up :-)
Live music next Tuesday plus Moe Flex is back.
Please sign up for the Free Mambalsa class 7-8pm as it's the first weekly class in the world for this new dance.
Did you know that back in 2006 when we started Salsa Camden we ran the UK's first ever weekly bachata class!

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Tripadvisor Intensive reviews wanted    (back to headlines)

I've set up a new section on the site for Tripadvisor reviews of the 1-Day Intensive Course.
If you've been on the course recently and would be kind enough to review it please go to
Thanks in advance :-)
For suggestions and suggestions please email me at

From the blog: Top Tips for Pre Beginners    (back to headlines)

I've publish more articles on the Salsa Rapido blog.

Other Salsa Rapido articles include:
Top Tips for Pre-Beginners in Salsa 10/25/2017
Counts Commonly Used in Salsa 10/18/2017
Salsa Rapido method- Fast, Fun & Progressive 28/09/2017
Travelling steps 30/04/2017
The Mechanics of Spinning 20/04/2017
What is Salsa Style? 08/02/2017
How I got into salsa 11/01/2017
Welcome to the Salsa Rapido Method 09/01/2017


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Salsa Rapido Videos Subscribe now    (back to headlines)

I've been busy creating online video content for the Salsa Rapido method.
It will eventually consist of several playlists covering 'Salsa Rapido Concepts', 'How to' and 'Exercises'
I've started with the Concepts as they're the hardest to script.
What I need is a bunch of subscribers to the Salsa Rapido YouTube channel who can email feedback on what they found useful or confusing, etc.
The channel isn't public yet as I'm still in beta mode but here's the link:
Salsa Rapido Channel.
Note click on the 'Concepts' playlist tab.


i.2.i. Logo Check Dates n Book
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Article on The Mechanics of Spinning    (back to headlines)

I've just published an article on the mechanics of spinning.
The whole 'Coil-Spin' method explained.
It's worth a look just to see the ballet gif go round and round.
It's a first draft so comment away :-)
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Article on The Mechanics of Travelling Steps    (back to headlines)

I've just published an article on the mechanics of Travelling Steps.
From CBL and beyond...
It's a first draft so comment away :-)
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