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by THE STREETBEAT SALSA CO. Fri. 8th Mar 2019


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Thames Salsa Cruise news  click to visit

Sun 19th May Spring Thames Salsa Cruise    (back to headlines)

The Spring Thames Salsa Cruise is fast approaching!
For a lazy May evening in the late spring, the cruise is simply perfect :-) Dance, chat, chill, whatever you wish...
It's on Sunday 19th May and tickets are already available from our website. Get them early because we will probably sell out.
Groups (5+) cost £15 and the regular advanced price is £18. (£22 cash on the day)
Groups text me to set up a discount code ASAP Alastair 07939012231

Come and salsa the River as we cruise from the Festival Pier Southbank to the Barrier and back. Watch the sunset as you sip a drink on the back deck, then see the River sparkle as the city lights up; all the while listening to some great salsa music to entice you back on the dance floor.
Four hours of dancing and fun; what a great way to spend a spring evening!
Departs Festival Pier by the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank at 6.45pm, returning at 10.50pm


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The Salsa Rapido i.2.i. news  click to visit

Blog- Flow and Deep Salsa    (back to headlines)

I've posted three new videos about the concept of Flow and an introductory blog post.

Salsa Rapido blog (please subscribe)
There's now seventeen clips on the Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist and more coming so please subscribe
Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist.

Flow - What is it
Flow - How it Affects Salsa
Flow - Finding Flow in Salsa

enjoy :-)

Article on The Mechanics of Spinning    (back to headlines)

I've just published an article on the mechanics of spinning.
The whole 'Coil-Spin' method explained.
It's worth a look just to see the ballet gif go round and round.
It's a first draft so comment away :-)
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Article on The Mechanics of Travelling Steps    (back to headlines)

I've just published an article on the mechanics of Travelling Steps.
From CBL and beyond...
It's a first draft so comment away :-)
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Beginners One Day Intensive Salsa Class news  click to visit

Blog- Four Videos to Introduce Salsa Footwork    (back to headlines)

Salsa Footwork. It's all in the feet!

A post to introduce the first four videos in my
Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist. (please subscribe)

“Footwork, footwork, footwork” the beginner salsa dancer's bete noire. The very concept that defines salsa and so many dances, hence the Salsa Rapido rule number one:

No Footwork Sequence, No Salsa!

The mastery of the Footwork Sequence FWS becomes the conceptual barrier between beginners and Improvers levels. Which means any time spent on it is well worth it...... Read more at the Salsa Rapido blog

From the blog: Top Tips for Pre Beginners    (back to headlines)

I've publish more articles on the Salsa Rapido blog.

Other Salsa Rapido articles include:
Top Tips for Pre-Beginners in Salsa 10/25/2017
Counts Commonly Used in Salsa 10/18/2017
Salsa Rapido method- Fast, Fun & Progressive 28/09/2017
Travelling steps 30/04/2017
The Mechanics of Spinning 20/04/2017
What is Salsa Style? 08/02/2017
How I got into salsa 11/01/2017
Welcome to the Salsa Rapido Method 09/01/2017


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Camden Salsa news  click to visit

Salsa Camden Closes after nearly 13 years    (back to headlines)

I have sad news to share as after 13 fun filled years, we will not be continuing Salsa Camden.
For those following the ins and outs, you'll know that a deal was done re bands and promotion for Tuesdays.
That deal has not been honoured.
I will post a full account / rant in my Salsa Rapido blog in the New Year, sufficed to say, that given the toxic environment and despite my best efforts, I have had to let Salsa Camden go.
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who's supported us, for your friendship and energy, and more recently, patience. Plus, of course, for the loyalty and support of the current team, so much appreciated. It's been a blast and there are so many good memories ????
However, tis the season to be jolly, holly, mince pied to the eyes and tinselled around the edges. So,
I and the Salsa Camden Crew would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
....posted by Alastair Sadler Dec 2018