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sprite-camden  Welcome to Camden Salsa

The London Salsa venue right in the heart of London's Camden Market.
Salsa Classes and Club every Tuesday from 7.30pm - 11.30pm.

Our Salsa Classes

At beginners and improvers level Alastair Sadler uses the Salsa Rapido foundation course method, which is the fast and fun way to master leading and following, with all the style and confidence you need to look great whereever you dance salsa..
At Intermediate and Advanced levels with DeLarry and Moe Flex there is a strong Cuban Casino theme.
I would like to add that our classes are fun but not slack, which means that class levels are maintained and we will politely bump where necessary. A good idea is to come early and meet the teachers before the classes if you’re not sure.


Salsa Camden was launched on 12th Jan 2006 has become an essential part of the London Salsa scene providing Streetbeat’s usual high standard of classes plus that classic mix of friendly stylish clubbing run by adults for adults.
We're located at the impressive Gilgamesh restaurant on Tuesdays with six classes and free dance. Originally we were at The Cuban bar which no longer exists.
Salsa dancers will feel right at home here. It is comfortable and stylish whilst and of course the floor is wooden.

Our Salsa Music

After the classes dance to the music from one the UK's top salsa DJ's, DJ Felicidad, sometimes real, sometimes virtual, she plays a genuine mix of classic salsa styles, from big band NY Dura to funky Cuban Timba, Romantica to Raggaton.
It's a smooth blend best described as classic mainstream salsa with a large dash of Cuban!


sprite-camden  Salsa Camden in Brief

Salsa Camden
Tuesdays from 7.30pm (opens 7om) until 11.30pm
Six classes (see classes)

Location: Gilgamesh, Camden Market, The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH

Style: Beginners/ Improvers foundation (Rapido) Intermediate and above

Cost: £8 one class £10 two classes Club admission free.

sprite-camden  Beginners Offer

Get your friends into salsa.
Anyone new to salsa can get their first 3 weeks of classes for only £15.
They'll need to be there for the start so please forward this to all your non dancing friends in the area. No need to pre book.

* offer valid for three consecutive weeks at any Streetbeat club venue.

sprite-camden  Class Times

Absolute beginners! Please arrive at 7.25pm for a 7.35pm absolute beginner intro class with Alastair -Salsa Rapido method

Salsa Int/Adv with Moe Flex
Intro to Rueda (for improvers/ int salsadancers with little or no rueda experience)with Gabriel
Beginners Salsa with Alastair Salsa Rapido method

9pm- 10pm
Int/ Advanced Rueda with Moe Flex
Improvers Salsa with Alastair Salsa Rapido method
Intermediate Salsa with Gabriel

Please check in at the DJ desk within -The Cuban- to buy a ticket for your class.
All classes run at the same time in different spaces.
After the classes c.10.pm it's free dancing til late.

sprite-camden  Beginners Instructor Alastair Sadler

Alastair Sadler has been teaching salsa since 1995 and has clocked up over 12,000 classes.
From the start he has developed and refined the progressive teaching method called Salsa Rapido.
Many of his projects have helped define salsa in the UK:
Salsa instructors forum (a workshop where instructors could exchange good teaching practice an ideas).
The One Day Intensive course (The world's first and most successful intensive course, still running weekly)
Salsa university (an all-dayer concept but weekly with 5 advanced classes in different styles)
In addition to teaching he runs The Streetbeat Salsa Co. and edited the Email Salsa News from 1999 -2007.
Salsa Camden - London's highly successful Rapido & Rueda venue where we ran the UK's first ever weekly Bachata course.
In 2001 he choreographed & performed a solo demo (with a mop and office chair) at several congresses and events throughout Europe.
His TV credits as performer and/or choreographer include Baby Father I & II, Casualty, Happiness, Auf Weidersehn Pet and the BBC Ident ( He was the big guy at the front in the white shirt!)

Since 2011 he has realised his love of comedy and performed Stand Up at The Edinburgh Fringe festival (2011, 2012)
I still have many new projects to run such as Liquida and teacher training courses.
It's all been possible through the support of my wife Felicity aka DJ Felicidad with whom I've been married to since 1994.

sprite-camden  Intermediate Instructor Moe Flex

Born in Somaliland, East Africa, Moe spent his childhood travelling.
Known for his bubbly, larger than life personality, he started to dance at the age of 4 mimicking Michael Jackson.
Within 6 months of starting salsa Moe won the UKA British Amateur Championships. In 2002 he won the UKA Threesome Championship.
Since then he has been building his profile often described as a rising star He has become an integral part of events and weekenders.
In 2006 Moe was voted British Cuban Salsa Teacher of the Year.
Moe has been voted UK Salsa Teacher of the year 2008.

sprite-camden  The Old Promo Video for Salsa Camden

Here is our Salsa Camden Promotional Video.
It's just under two minute long so please take a look.
I hope it shows the fun we have at Camden.

The film project was an in-house production filmed in the Spring of 2010
The track is an shortened version of Los Van Van's Temba Tumbe Y Timbe, a great track for dancing La Rueda to.

Thanks to everyone involved.

sprite-offer Offers:

Get into salsa Now!
Amazing Offer!
Anyone new to salsa can get their first 3 weeks of classes for only £16.
No need to pre book, no code word, just come a little earlier.

Offer valid for three consecutive weeks at any Streetbeat club venue.
Only applies to absolute beginners classes.
Only one offer per person- no repeats.

sprite-news Events:

i2i Spins Flavour salsa course at bar Salsa!
The i2i Spins Flavour explores the salsa techniques, salsa moves and combinations based on various techniques for spinning (rapid rotation)
Spins vs turns
The natural mechanics of spinning in salsa
Best and worst practice
Hook Turns & spins
Travelling Spins
Multiple Spins various
Please note:

As ever this i2i Flavours course start with the essential Salsa Rapido Framework which makes this course a direct follow on from the 1-Day Intensive.
Loads of info on the site or call me 07939 012231

If you've done an i2i course in the last 6 months use the offer code 'flav'
If you've done a 1-Day Intensive for Beginners in the last two months use the offer code 'b4'
Regular price £40 per person and we now start at 11.30am
This year's Autumn Thames Salsa Cruise has a pirate theme.
Arrrrr me hearties it's time to parrrrty and shiver yer timbers.
They'll be a prize for the best dressed pirate but no walking the plank if you don't dress up.
Dance, chat, chill, pet your parrot, whatever you wish...
It's on Sunday 17th September and tickets are already available from our website or you can buy them from our regular salsa nights on Tuesdays at Gilgamesh in Camden. Get 'em early because we will probably sell out!
Groups (5+) cost £15 and the regular advanced price is £18. (£22 cash on the day)

Come and salsa the River as we cruise from the Festival Pier Southbank to the Barrier and back. Watch the sunset as you sip a drink on the back deck, then see the River sparkle as the city lights up; all the while listening to some great salsa music to entice you back to the dance floor.
Four hours of dancing and fun; what a great way to spend an autumn evening!
Departs Festival Pier by the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank at 6.45pm, returning at 10.50pm
Book Now

sprite-news News:

I’ve two shows at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
If you know anyone who’s going please ask them to come to one or why not both?
Both shows are free and on from 5-27 August 2017 inclusive.

This year I’m MCing my regular show:
'Streetbeat Comedy Free Lunchtime Showcase'
Whistlebinkies on South Bridge & Niddry st. 12:15-13:15
Six acts or more giving their best stand up to keep you laughing and tempt you to their shows.

Plus, more exciting fun with:
'Quillarious a new comedy format'
Upstairs at the Waverley Bar (Venue 438) 15:45- 16:45

Quillarious is a brand new comedy format where the audience write the funnies or try to.
It’s game show meets comedy workshop and it’s ooodles of fun as well as the most interactive show at the Fringe
So please come and play Quillarious.

In case you don’t know, the Edinburgh Fringe is the largest arts and comedy festival in the world with thousands of shows. There are hundreds free shows in every kind of comedy.
My shows are part of PBH Free Fringe, the one's in the Wee Blue Book.
I've set up a new section on the site for Tripadvisor reviews of the 1-Day Intensive Course.
If you've been on the course recently and would be kind enough to review it please go to
Thanks in advance :-)
For suggestions and suggestions please email me at salsa@streetbeat.co.uk
Professional lifestyle blogger Lela London came on the Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive and blogged about it.
Read her report:

becoming baby dirty dancing salsa swing dance london

"Whether you're prepping for a trip to Cuba or simply want to burn 2000 calories feeling sexy, Salsa Rapido is an absolute must."

Lela London

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